Last summer I visited the beautiful island Bali in Indonesia! Here are my top things to do and visit in Bali! 
1. Ubud.
Let’s begin with one of the places you can’t miss when visiting Bali! This place is surrounded by rice terraces and breaths art, culture and history. 
I recommend you to hire a scooter, Bali’s favourite way of transportation. It is easy to use and very cheap in rent! Also an extra tip: buy an international internet SIM card for your phone! 

Visit the rice terraces of Tengalalang

The rice terraces of Tengalalang are very touristy but for sure worth a visit! Climb and walk along the terraces and your morning or afternoon will be filled with beautiful views. Make some stops to drink the local tee, make a picture with a local or dare to swing on one of the big swings that will take you above the rice terraces! 


Buy all your souvenirs at the Bali Market

The Market in Ubud is very big, touristy, crowded and super fun! Your haggling skills will bloom when you want to buy the products, because the tourist prices are over the moon! On this market you will find beautifully hand crafted bags, hand painted colourful cloths, the handmade Bali signature masks and much much more. Here you can find every souvenir you want. 

Visit the temple of Goa Gajah

There are many temples in Bali. Close to Ubud you can the Goa Gajah temple. 

If you are interested in Bali’s History, you can visit the Museum of puppets, where you can find a lange amount of masks, puppets, creations which are used during many ceremonies.

Care for a walk? You can walk the Campuhan ridge walk, with nice, views, little art shops and a coconut for on the way.


A 30min scooter drive will take you to Gunung Kawi temple

Visit the Temple of Pura Tirta

A thirty minute scooter drive from Ubud will take you to the Temple of Pura Tirta. I did not even take photo’s, but I cleansed myself in the holy water of the temple. It is very helpful to have a Balinese guide with you who can explain the ritual and requirements. It’s a very beautiful experience to do, not just to witness. I really recommand this! 

2. Uluwatu 
This place is in my opinion more touristy, but has some incredible looking beaches. 
You can watch the sunset at Single Finn beach club, where you can enjoy a beverage or two and spend the evening magically looking over the ocean watching the sun goes down. 
In the whole of Bali there are beautiful infinity pools, a personal favourite! Go to Blue Heaven for a nice swim and an astonishing view of the ocean.
3. Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. 
Two small islands next to Bali are worth a visit for a couple of days. 
We had some trouble getting there, due to high waves, but it was worth the trip! Nusa Penida is utterly beautiful, I cannot describe this. Hire a scooter as well (no helmets here..!) and explore the island. 

If you are visiting Nusa Penida, a short boatrip will lead you to Nusa Lembongan, an even smaller island. There are beautiful beaches, infinity pools and cross the Yellow Bridge for a small tour around Nusa Ceningan. 

There are many opportunities to dive or snorkle in the waters around Nusa Penida, which is a highlight on your trip. I snorkelled between Manta Ray’s, saw some beautiful coral riffs and statues underneath the water. 

4. Watching the sunrise on Mount Batur. 
Another highlight on your trip must include a sunrise trekking on Mount Batur. 
Very early in the morning you will drive to the base of Mount Batur where you begin to climb the top.
The trip will take around two hours to reach the top. There, with hundreds of others, you will sit on the mountain, watch the clouds part and see a beautiful sunrise. I actually had a very rare experience on the top of the mountain. When standing to walk around the crater, an earthquake occured! The mountain was shaking, an exceptional experience! 
It is very cold on the top of the mountain, so dress accordingly!

5. Everything else on this beautiful island

Ofcourse there are many more things to do and see in Bali, since I have done also. If you need any food recommandations/accomodations or more tips, please contact me! Go explore Bali, since there is so much beauty!