This summer I visited the beautiful Greek island Kefalonia! 

Before going on holiday, I was given two analogue camera’s from my father which I brought during this trip! I’m really excited about this new hobby! You can enjoy my analog photography in this post and in my portfolio!

The island is very mountainous and many of the sightseeing spots are spread out over the island. Renting a car here is a must have to see all the wonderful places! 

We stayed in a town near the airport and near the capital of the island; Lassi. This is a more touristy place, but here are some of the most beautiful beaches, many shops and nicest restaurants! Some of the better restaurants are Ionio and Phaedra! We visited both multiple times and especially enjoyed the filled peppers at Ionio and the banoffee pie desert at Phaedra. 

The first day we didn’t have our rental car yet, so we went with the bus to Argostoli, the capital of the island. The public transportation on the island is very easy and reliable. Since Lassi is close to Argostoli, you can also go by foot, but it’s a 45min trip in the hot sun so the bus is a very easy and cheap alternative. 

In Argostoli there’s a footbridge, the Drapano bridge, which connects Argostoli with the opposite side of the bay. this bridge is the largest stone bridge over a sea in the world and is a great place for a walk. In the mornings when the fisherman boats come back, you can spot sea turtles here!

We rented a car for three days during our six days trip, which was a very excellent choice! On the first day we drove to the Melissani Cave, and were planning to arrive at noon, when the sun is highest in the sky and penetrates the light the most beautiful in the underground lake. It’s extremely touristy and we waited for more than an hour in the hot sun and the boat trip lasted just 10 minutes, but it’s so beautiful you will forget about all that!

We then drove to Sami, where we had the most delicious lunch at Deco Art Cuisine, sitting on a table next to the sea. The fish I recommend very much in this place!  Even though Sami was a pretty place, we much preferred Assos and Fiskardo in terms of aesthetics, which we visited the next days. 

The next dat we drove to the Northern part of the island. We stopped first at the Myrthos viewing point, before driving down to Myrthos beach. We spend most of the afternoon at the beach and really enjoyed ourselves. The water is nice, and so blue! Very beautiful. 

Later that afternoon when we were all sunburnt, we drove further to Assos, where we were planning to see the castle and have dinner. We were so hot of spending the afternoon at Myrthos we just decided to have a drink first. I immediately fell in love with Assos! It’s so picturesque. We were planning to also go to Fiscardo today, which is even further north, but it was already very late, so we decided to go tomorrow and also visit Assos one more time! 

The next day was our last day with our rental car. We went early in the morning for our drive to Fiscardo, which was an hour and a half. It was called the ‘saint Tropez of Kefelonia’ so I had some high expectations! It was really beautiful indeed, and you can do some good shopping here. There are more unique shops and also a little more expensive. I personally prefer unique and expensive over mass production! We walked around for some time, but it’s a very small town, just like the rest of the places on the island. After lunch we headed back and went to Assos one more time. We spend all day at the beach and really enjoyed some relaxing time. 

I really recommend to eat at Platanos. Unfortunately it’s not located next to the beach, but the food is much better – especially the baklava desert which is homemade on the spot (have some patience there 🙂 ) I never really liked baklava until I visited this place! 

Our last days we spend on the beach and went for some souvenir shopping! We really enjoyed this Greek island and are already looking forward to explore more of Greece next year!